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Post  jueboy on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:07 pm

Where it begins........

Clan forums -- (mainly for recruiting purposes)


Success and failure are so closely tied that if you have to be vigilant at all times in order to ensure that you can be successful. One mistake can lead to failure. One great idea can lead to Success. You can’t be afraid to fail. As long as you try and are unafraid, the successes taste that much sweeter.

I guess in the end, I just like being a clan leader. I like sharing my ideals with others. I enjoy the fellowship that comes with being a tight knit group. I like being my brother’s keeper. Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed in meeting people who have shared my ideals on how you should game and how you should portray yourself.

I’ll admit that I’ve had hurdles to overcome. I’ve made my share of mistakes. I’ve had many failures of my own. It’s times like that when you can either hang your head or lower your shoulder and push through. With the support I’ve had, I think it’s high time to let people know that there is a group that wears the white hat. It’s time to show that teamwork can win over individual talent. It’s time to show that being tactical can be rewarding.

The rest is cake. We’ll party, we’ll use tactics, we’ll be a team, we’ll forgo individual achievement for team success. The only people we need to compete against is ourselves. Ultimately, we’re about having a good time. I know it’s sounds serious but it isn’t.

Second accounts will be welcome. We expect to see you from time to time. However:

1. Second accounts within our clan are fine as long as they approved by leadership
2. Second accounts in regards to other clans are okay
a. if you are a member of another clan that does not have rules against multi-clanning
b. if you are not game battling in the same game with another clan

Now onto the guidelines. They’re the same I’ve went by since I started gaming.

Basic Requirements:

We have no k/d requirement in any game. We’re not only here to play but to learn to play better. Everyone has an opportunity to grow and we hope to help.

Having a mic is key. In order to be a successful team, communication is essential.

Register at with a clan forum coming. Post to let us know you’re still alive. Building relationships can help form bonds that can lead to strong teamwork.

Be mature. Age means nothing as long as you have maturity. This clan will have an age requirement that will be voted on by members. There may be loopholes.

*from OGOB* pasted by BigRon001
I'm looking for mature folks that are good teammates. They need to be 16 and up. They need to be active and want to be in position to make decision and recruit and lead if necessary.

Be an ambassador. Our code of conduct is stern as we value having a good reputation. You must operate through the forums and in game as an ambassador of good will.

Don’t be a schmuck. I’m enough of a schmuck for 5 clans.

You must be an active member and not just a tag holder. I need people who want to contribute to our success. I’m looking for energetic, intelligent, outgoing, innovative people with strong teamwork skills. I’m also looking for fun people. Chronic complaining and emoisms aren’t allowed….except by me. 

The clan will grow but won’t get above 50 members. Once the limit is reached we will no longer recruit. If one person leaves, we’ll replace him/her.

Rules we all must follow:

No Cheating – This means glitching, lagging on purpose, etc. If seen by a member you will be cut immediately.

No Spawn killing – We don’t do that. We want to end the game as quick as possible. If it’s necessary in order to advance the game then you do it. If you do it for giggles or stat enhancement you will be gone. Bottom line is ADVANCE THE GAME. If someone attempts to spawn camp us……We will respond with vigor.

Take the high road at all times – If a clan member or another clan/individual is causing issue, report them to a member of leadership. Don’t belittle yourself by getting involved if you can avoid it. If it is absolutely necessary notify a leader. WE WILL BACK EACH OTHER UP.

Be proactive – Register and post on OGOB and eventually our personal forums. Share ideas and strategies. Look for potential recruits.

Speak up – If there is a problem I can help. I can’t if I don’t know about it. This is very important.

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